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Sample Code For Opening and Closing Orders: // Execute Sell Trade with $2000 (0.02 lots) and label. ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Sell, Symbol, 2000, "Robot One"); // Execute a Buy Trade with $1000 (0.01 lots) and a label, stop loss and take profit values ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, 1000, "Robot One", 25.0, 50.0); //Close all orders with label "Robot One" var openPositions Spotware updates cTrader FX platform and cAlgo trading bots FX platform provider Spotware has announced a number of updates and upgrades to its cTrader and cAlgo platforms. cTrader is Spotware’s full STP trading platform, employed by brokers such as FxPro, MB Trading, and ThinkForex. cAlgo lets traders build trading cBots and custom technical indicators using C#.. The updates include: Timer API. If your strategy requires to perform some actions more | Harmonics

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API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API.Internals; using cAlgo.Indicators; // Description: // =========== // Using cTrader and only trading using either a set time (GMT) or  11 mar 2020 Siamo un Team di sviluppatori, creiamo cbots, indicatori, tools e strategie solo per la cTrader, la migliore piattaforma per il trading di sempre! 5 Apr 2017 Sell, Symbol, 2000, "Robot One"); // Execute a Buy Trade with $1000 (0.01 Linq ; using cAlgo.API; using cAlgo.API.Indicators; using cAlgo.API. cAlgo is an algorithmic platform within a direct market access environment with The Modern API allows you to develop automated trading algorithms in C#  Introduction. Developed by Welles Wilder, the Parabolic SAR refers to a price- and-time-based trading system. Wilder 

There is optional cAlgo.API.Requests namespace if you want to be able to create trade requests, but the same functionality is reached with default Trade object that does not require this namespace. Any standard C# namespace (e.g. System or System.Linq ) can also be used in your custom robot if you wish to access their language constructions.

You can find the FIX API credentials directly in the cTrader or cAlgo Settings sections. Click the cog icon to the bottom left and select FIX API from the Settings menu. There are two types of connection, Price Connection and Trade Connection, and each type has it's own individual set of credentials. cAlgo.API.Robot - cAlgo API Reference for Robot (Class). Base class for all cBots. Provides a convenient framework for creating cBots including methods to create, modify, cancel orders and close positions, methods triggered by each tick and each bar, access to built-in Indicators and more. cAlgo.API.Internals.Symbol - cAlgo API Reference for Symbol (Interface). Represents a currency pair. The new trading API of cAlgo provides synchronous as well as asynchronous trade operation methods. Synchronous operation means that each statement in the code will be completed before execution proceeds to the next. We will start by describing synchronous methods and then will cover asynchronous methods later.

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ctrader · GitHub Topics · GitHub Apr 29, 2020 GitHub - CarbonFxModules/carbonfx-modules-lib: CarbonFx ...

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